Promoting Surgery During COVID


Bayhealth, a two-hospital health system serving the Central and Southern Delaware market noticed an increasing pattern of community members leaving the market for specialized surgeries or undergoing more invasive surgeries locally. Bayhealth decided to change this.

With investments in new technologies, highly trained and specialized surgeons, and the latest techniques, Bayhealth was able to both fulfill their brand promise of bringing the nation's best healthcare back to their communities at home and allow community members to receive excellent clinical care locally. 

However, most consumers in the community were not yet aware of the advances Bayhealth had recently made.  

We uncovered precisely which doctors, surgical procedures, and technologies represented competitive strengths in the "first, best, most, and only" categories during our research and discovery phase. This allowed Bayhealth to promote the unique specialized surgeries that could only be obtained from Bayhealth locally.


Moving into the creative process, we rapidly prototyped various concepts to evaluate, each with a differing offer of the core value proposition. Instead of making the final decision by committee, these concept prototypes were executed into Facebook ads and tested live in the marketplace with a limited media spend. We would let consumer engagement data guide our decision making on which concept to advance into a full-fledged integrated campaign.

After a two-week testing process, our winner was clear. The winning campaign affected the entire community by focusing on the role that each member plays in keeping the community healthy and thriving. With engagement rates on these prototypes up 10x compared to their baseline, the early results indicated that this would be a campaign the community was sure to notice. 

Solidifying our creative foundation helped narrow and inform our selection of patient stories. 

These people had to be cornerstones of their respective communities and convey grit and strength needed to build confidence among community members.


Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in the early Spring of 2020, this campaign was the first to roll out in an attempt to regain revenue lost due to the pandemic. Launching in August 2020, the campaign brought in over 2,000 requests for surgical consultations within the first 90 days.

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