Sharing the Gift of Life


OSF HealthCare is an integrated health system headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. With more than 350 locations, including 14 hospitals, 30 urgent care locations, and two colleges of nursing throughout Illinois and Michigan, they are owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis.

After completing their strategic plan, OSF’s senior leadership turned to Franklin Street to help bring their vision to life through a cohesive brand platform. One that could align the organization around a central idea that would create harmony between OSF’s strong culture and the overall patient experience.


Based on OSF’s mission, the brand followed the organization’s commitment of sharing Christ’s gift of life. However, while OSF is a religious organization, religion would not be the lead driver for the brand. Rather, the goal was to create a brand that captured the overall sentiment and spirit of the organization. This strategy evolved into the simple idea of “sharing.” 

Franklin Street interviewed internal stakeholders and conducted numerous workshops to identify opportunities for the “sharing” concept to come to life in the patient experience. The best examples were refined and distributed as part of the brand guidelines to all employees, so everyone could help make the Sharing Brand a reality. 

After the Sharing Brand concept was proven to be culturally and patient aligned, Franklin Street began to explore proof of concept with the creative expression. First to prove messaging potential, and then later refined into a unique graphic identity treatment. 

The graphic identity treatment was influenced from the tradition of stained glass in cathedrals from around the world. Visual inspiration came from how light shines through colored glass and “shares” its color with other hues and textures. 

The design approach to the Sharing Brand was well articulated for OSF’s internal marketing teams. The 44-page brand guidelines included complete documentation of message strategy, tone, voice, color, typography and advertising layouts. 


The Sharing Brand continued to help build a strong culture and a wonderful patient experience, cementing their #1 marketplace position. Additionally, the brand created a mindset that made it easier for employees and the community to link the ideas of innovation and operations with the ministry’s overall mission.

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