September 6, 2016

Your Campaign Plan Begins with the Call-to-Action

If your next service line marketing campaign can be expected to generate results, it needs to effectively guide prospective patients to take a desired action.

But all too often, identifying the specific, desired action we want our audiences to take is an after thought.

Time and energy can go into planning a marketing campaign, developing a message, and delivering executions.

But it’s often in the last minutes of campaign prep that the call-to-action is determined.

In our experience, creating a service line marketing campaign should always begin by identifying the call-to-action.

Here’s a great question to ask your team when planning your next marketing campaign:

What single step do you want to drive a prospect to take as a result of engaging with your campaign?

From this foundation, every piece of information you add during the planning process will shed light on how you drive prospects to take that step and what experience they will receive when they do.

As we’ve covered in other blog posts, there are many effective CTAs you can consider for your campaign. The specific CTA will be dependent on a number of factors. What matters is that your planning is always centered around how you drive prospects to respond to your call to action.

Let’s say you’re planning the next campaign for your hospital’s cardiology program. Your goal is to increase new commercially-insured patient volume.

What logical next step will prospects want to take to achieve your goal of driving new patient volume?

Clicking through to a landing page with content that helps them understand the range of care your cardiologists offer?

A phone number that prospective patients can call to find a cardiologist and schedule an appointment?

Signing up for a heart screening?

While we want our campaigns to convert prospects to patients, the call-to-action may need to bridge your prospective patients to take the next logical step to becoming a patient.

This might mean learning more about your organization and instilling trust.

This might mean offering content that helps your audience to understand the need to not delay building a relationship with a cardiologist.

Once you know what you want your audience to do, you can create campaigns that inspire action.

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