January 19, 2022

Brand Checkup Scoring

How smart is your brand compared to other brands?

Take a look below at our scoring rubric to better understand your score and the possible implications.  

Green (Score of 54 to 60)
Brands falling into the GREEN category deserve a round of applause. These brands have done the hard work needed to be successful. Their marketing efforts tend to focus on seizing opportunities instead of overcoming problems, as a healthy brand provides extra lift to all efforts. 

Common symptoms:

  • Usually high market share or #1 in the market
  • Customer loyalty among the highest
  • Employee turnover among the lowest
  • High ROI on marketing efforts
  • Brand alignment throughout the organization
  • A growth mindset

A brand with a GREEN health score has unique growth opportunities, as it becomes easier to scale the things that are working, such as marketing and innovation efforts. And most importantly, a healthy brand acts like a magnet, attracting top talent and your most desired customers or patients. A complete brand refresh is not needed, but a Franklin Street Brand Audit could find new ways to leverage the strength of your brand to increase your ROI on multiple fronts in 2022.

YELLOW (Score of 37 to 53)
Brands falling into the YELLOW category are having some level of brand success but are typically inconsistent due to the lack of a comprehensive brand platform that is well articulated and followed by all.

Common symptoms: 

  • There is no holistic brand platform to guide the organization.
  • Marketing metrics do not consistently surpass national benchmarks.
  • The creative expression of the brand is inconsistent and lacks a distinct presentation. (Ask yourself, if you removed your logo from your ad, would consumers still know it was from you?)
  • Marketing initiatives may be more reactive than strategic. 
  • Marketing efforts may still be siloed, allowing the brand experience to be inconsistent. 

A brand with a YELLOW health score will typically suffer from low efficiency due to the lack of a clear direction. Change management tends to happen either too quickly (new flavor of the day) or too slowly (we have always done it this way). This can lead to employee apathy from within the organization. In addition, marketing efforts tend to take longer than desired and do not produce the needed results. A brand refresh will help align the organization and improve ROI on all efforts rather quickly.

RED (Score of 36 or below)
Brands falling into the RED category often have fundamental issues stemming from a lack of clarity around the unique value the brand delivers compared to competitors. Your brand platform may not be well defined and articulated. 

Common symptoms:

  • The brand promise is not rooted in a well tested value proposition. 
    • Is the value you offer unique compared to competition?
    • Is your offer compelling enough to key target audiences?
    • Is your value proposition embraced by all employees?
  • Proximity or low price, rather than more salient attributes, is the primary driver of choice for your brand.
  • The brand lags behind competitors in consumer perception surveys. 
  • Employee engagement is low.
  • You struggle to attract and retain top talent.

A brand with a RED health score will typically suffer from lower than deserved market share, lower patient satisfaction, and higher employee turnover. Marketing efforts may also suffer from lower than expected performance. The need to refresh the brand strategy is urgent.


As this Brand Checkup reveals, brands are not static. They have the ability to continuously evolve and provide more and more value to your business. They truly give back what you invest in them. 

Or conversely, if left unattended, your brand could become the biggest missed opportunity of 2022.

We hope your score and the above implications help you understand the current health of your brand. However, this information is somewhat general by nature.

If you would like a deeper conversation about your specific results and the implications for your organization, please feel free to reach out to us. For a limited time, we will be keeping a few calendar slots open every week so we can offer folks a free 30-minute consultation about the current health of their brand. Just pick a time through Calendly or if easier, drop us a note at