May 13, 2022

Service Line Success: 5 Steps to Make Docs Movie Stars

You can help attract and retain top clinical talent simply by honoring your current docs in your very next service line campaign. Showing how much you appreciate them helps improve morale and overall physician relations.

The 5 Steps to a Movie Star Production

  1. Ask them to “star” in a special project.
    They need to feel honored and proud they were asked, or else it could be perceived as just “more work.” Let them know what’s at stake and why they’re the best choice.
  2. Get them involved in the creative process.
    Let them know their opinions matter. It will help them buy-in to the final concept when you’re ready for production.
  3. Respect their time.
    Offer to schedule the shoot after hours or during a weekend.
  4. Don’t script.
    Let the director lead them on camera in a naturally candid way. This is the secret to on-screen likability.
  5. Make the production a really big deal.
    Bring in a professional hair and makeup stylist, craft table, large studio lights, etc., to prove this is no ordinary iPhone video project. 

Need help retaining “star status” clinical talent?

We’ve got you covered, reader. Book 30 minutes and we’ll share the recruitment case study we presented at The Forum for Healthcare Strategists.