May 12, 2022

Service Line Success: Increase ROI with a Back-End Funnel Strategy

Newly acquired patients are worth far more than their initial value. Leverage your current marketing results by increasing “repeat purchases” with a back-end funnel strategy to ultimately increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

The Top 5 Benefits Of A Back-End Funnel Strategy

  1. Increased Service Line Utilization
    A screening strategy, based on likely comorbidities, can drive referrals within your network.
  2. Improved Patient Satisfaction
    Simple research tools along the patient journey can identify areas for rapid innovation, resulting in a better patient experience.
  3. Higher Customer Lifetime Value
    A back-end funnel strategy will increase the number of services a patient chooses to utilize over their lifetime, dramatically increasing your return on the original ad spend (ROAS).
  4. Community Wellness
    A back-end funnel strategy accelerates a patient’s timeline, minimizing delays caused by a lack of awareness or confidence in your service.
  5. Authentic Marketing 
    Staying involved throughout the patient journey makes it much easier for you to solicit testimonials and compelling stories – providing valuable social proof.

Need help implementing a back-end funnel strategy?

We’ve got you covered, reader. Book 30 minutes and we’ll go over the different ways this can be achieved, including the best option for you.