May 11, 2022

Service Line Success: Patient Satisfaction

Even with current staffing shortages and issues, you can improve patient satisfaction scores if you prioritize patients’ most fundamental emotional needs. And it only takes an extra minute.

The Top 3 Emotional Needs Driving Patient Experience

  1. The Need to Be Heard
    When short-staffed, it’s common to hurry interactions. But this denies patients one of their most desired experiences – to be heard. Active listening can help.
  2. The Need to Understand
    Patients rarely understand what to expect next – leaving them in a heightened state of ongoing stress. You can help by clarifying what’s next to be sure they “get it.”
  3. The Need to Trust
    Patients are not in control of their experience and must rely on others to be their guide. You can bolster their confidence by expressing your own.

Need help overcoming a staffing shortage?

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