Saying It Like Nobody Else

Health Management Associates wanted a national campaign to tout the speed and efficiencies of their ER Extra program.

But the nationwide campaign needed more than a one-off solution. 
It had to work for more than 60 different hospitals across the US.


How do you shoot 60 spots that feel custom-made, 
without filming 60 different versions? 

You think fast!


Our concept featured NASCAR icon Mark Martin in a press conference, answering questions and explaining the benefits.

Since production time was limited, we filmed Martin in front of a green screen, which enabled us to place the corresponding logo for each different hospital.

We even adapted the dialog and used multiple camera angles so that individual hospital names were always spoken aloud.


From just one day’s shoot, more than 300 custom versions were created. Which means we minimized the budget and maximized results. 

Even more impressive, the campaign achieved an ROI 23 times higher than any other in HMA’s history. Now that’s worthy of a victory lap.

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