Expanding Access


Massachusetts General Hospital is one of the most distinguished cancer care providers in the world. Facing demand that surpassed capacity, Mass General expanded its Cancer Center to the Western suburbs by integrating services with Newton Wellesley Hospital. The two brands came to Franklin Street with the strategic challenge of communicating that this NEW cancer center is easily accessible in the western suburbs.


After thorough strategic planning and multiple prototypes, we leveraged a quote from Doctor John Warren, the founder of Mass General, “When in distress, every man becomes our neighbor.” Building on his sentiment of compassion, we took to the skies, capturing awe-inspiring aerial footage of the local Newton community and its familiar suburban neighborhoods.


The campaign has been commended for well representing both brands, and Phase Two is already underway, building on the momentum and messaging of the original launch. Most importantly, Boston communities now know they have access to the highest level of care, exactly where they need it—right next door.

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