Experiencing an Epidemic

Rosary Hall—St. Vincent Charity’s addiction treatment center—stands at ground zero of the opioid epidemic in Cleveland, Ohio.


Faced with a growing number of patients, and not enough resources, 
our mission was to help the center secure funding and expand this vital community resource.


To connect people to the epidemic, we needed to humanize the epidemic. 
So we spent a week at the treatment facility and documented patients and caregivers.

From our footage, we created a 3-minute film that featured real-life stories and highlighted the need for an expanded facility. 

At its conclusion, viewers were encouraged to visit our custom-built website EndOurEpidemic.com—an online brand experience where they could learn more about the initiative and take action.


Through the website, Rosary Hall gained much-needed political support and attracted major donors as well as corporate partnerships with influential brands such as Uber.

Ultimately, the campaign helped raise the funds needed to expand the center and save lives.

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