Britt Smith

Account Director

Britt understands meaningful interactions can happen every day.

“Life is meant to be lived. I may not be a doctor, but I recognize by telling these stories I'm part of peoples' journey. I help them share their accomplishments and healing. That's what keeps me coming back for more."

Britt's professional experience in healthcare marketing tracks across several agencies, from Virginia Cancer Institute to pharmaceutical startup Kaléo, and onward to his breadth of experience at Franklin Street. But it didn't start out that way.

Britt's career has beginnings in both the Virginia legislature, as well as undergraduate research in bioethics. While working as a legislative aid for several years, Britt began to understand the push and pull of 'policy in theory' versus 'policy in action.' Combine this with a zeal for patient advocacy, and his work would lead him to conduct research focused exclusively on 'physician apology.' What happens when a doctor says, "I'm sorry"? Are patients and their families more or less likely to sue? Britt's continuous work in bioethics led him across the country, speaking at nationally recognized conferences and symposiums.

At Franklin Street, Britt leverages his project management background to diligently lead clients based on thorough documentation of needs, tasks, deadlines, and opportunities. His long-term relationships with clients such as Bayhealth, OSF HealthCare, and Newton-Wellesley Hospital have contributed to not only award-winning creative, but also consistently strong business results from introduction to market, new facility openings, and patient outmigration, to recruiting, retention, and employee engagement.

Britt graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA in Political Science, and minors in Economics, Psychology, and Sociology.