Dean Ruth

VP, Operations

“Technology allows us faster turnaround from concept to media. However, the pace of innovation means you must apply strategy with discipline and focus. That’s why I love working at Franklin Street, anybody can shoot footage now, but we shoot smart and what we do makes a difference for clients and their patients.”

At 10 years old, Dean bought his first computer—and began to program it himself.

“I saved money and started learning to program it. I guess I’m a hands-on learner but relatives called me Relentless Ruth. It was only a bit later that I was on the Internet, years before they knew what it was.”

Dean applies the same determined curiosity to his work at Franklin Street. He ensures client productions are on schedule and on budget—utilizing the latest technology vetted by his own detail-oriented thirst for knowledge.

“What inspires me is that worry that someone is out there doing it better. That’s what keeps me learning and refining our production process.”

For Dean, the worlds of technology, media and marketing don’t always equate to the cold, callous impressions that many impart towards these realms.

“When we film a patient or nurse’s story, you see their compassion and determination. It reminds me that this technology can tell their story and reach others searching for the same experience.”

Dean taps more than a decade in production experience to find the best efficiencies and economy of scale for client creative delivery—and he has a full editing suite at Franklin Street at his disposal.

Dean Ruth holds a B.S.B.A. degree in marketing from The University of Richmond. His expertise includes SEO and various information technology applications as well as ISO 9000 efficiency standards.