Robin Segbers

VP, Strategy

“Organizations that embrace change and are willing to innovate to better deliver their brand promise will be the most successful players.”

Robin knows authentic brands are born from the inside out

“It is not enough to communicate your brand promise. Strong brands deliver on their promise at crucial stages of the customer journey. In healthcare, those crucial moments are far more personal and intimate—giving brands an opportunity to change people’s lives.”

Robin’s focus is on brand and marketing strategy with the goal of helping clients achieve their market potential. She relies on gleaning insights from many sources including a variety of stakeholders such as physicians, employees, board members, patients and families in the community.

“Your brand promise should be the most compelling promise you can make to all of your audiences. It is the golden thread that aligns the capabilities, motivations and passions of internal stakeholders with the needs and want of external audiences. When you find that common truth, you have the foundation for a strong and authentic brand.”

Robin started her career as a product manager at the J.M. Smucker Company. She worked in packaged goods marketing until she met her first healthcare client. Since that time more than 20 years ago, she has focused her energy on building healthcare brands.

“Healthcare needs the best marketing minds because the industry is so dynamic. Change is coming from many directions: government regulations, technological innovation, shifting revenue streams, channels to access healthcare and empowered consumers.”

Robin sees great potential for improved healthcare delivery. Amazon, Google, CVS and others will make health care more accessible in different ways.

Robin Segbers is the VP, Strategy at Franklin Street, a health care brand consultancy. Robin has her Bachelor of Science from Kent State University and her MBA from Ohio State University. She has over 20 years of experience in health care leveraging audience insights to inform brand and marketing strategy.