Will Flynn


“We have seen a wide gap between organizations that are reacting proactively to the health care transformation and those that have not. Innovators are controlling costs while acquiring new patients by placing them at the center of their strategic planning.”

To Will Flynn, the complexity of health care calls for simplicity.

“The heart of our challenges today is simple. It’s finding new pathways to profitability. Whether it’s a hospital moving from a pay for service model to a device company finding new markets, profitability starts with understanding the patient.”

Over the last quarter century, Will has built Franklin Street into a results-driven culture by finding experts who are process driven and excel through collaboration. His leadership approach matches the advice he gives clients.

“As health care leaders we need to get out of the weeds and climb higher for a clear look as to where the industry is headed. Our national experiences help us cross-pollinate ideas and discover new methods to make health care organizations innovative and more profitable.”

Will sees the patient’s perception of a brand’s promise as the driving force to new profit centers.

“It’s about finding those authentic strengths that feed value in service lines or products and empowering a brand to relevance with a patient. A strongly trusted brand has real value when considering such issues as capitation, mergers, partnerships and ultimately financial growth.”

He understands the pressures health care faces today, spanning from financial to reform and consumer demands—but he also sees great opportunity in the industry’s future.

Will Flynn is a frequent lecturer on industry trends and strategies. He is a distinguished award recipient of the Society for Health Care Strategy and Development. He serves on the boards of the Legal Information Network for Cancer (LINC), The YMCA and Virginia United Methodist Homes. Will earned his B.F.A. in Communication Arts Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, where he has also served as an adjunct instructor in health care marketing and public relations courses.