April 3, 2018

Watch our kids say the darndest things about healthcare.

We’re nerds. We love data analytics. We love trying to quantify the human emotion that drives healthcare decision-making. We love all of the marketing mumbo jumbo that comes with 30 years of industry experience. But sometimes you have to shake the technical and return to the primal.

Months ago, one of our video editors was going through hours of footage of clinicians. The videos turned out great for what we were doing, but he began to wonder aloud “How do we cut through the complication and just talk about what people really want when they go to the doctor?”

The answer was right in front of us at the dinner table every night. We’ve shared hundreds of stories about our kids talking about their day or just ranting about the latest injustices of our education system—and we all realized that children may be the best unfiltered focus group of all.

As we explored the idea of forming a kids-only focus group, we grew more and more excited about what we might uncover. With no formal interview guides, quantifiable data or marketing/financial reports to weigh us down, we were able to focus more on what ultimately matters: finding the universal, primal human needs that drive healthcare decision-making.

And boy, did the kids deliver.

What follows are two short videos. The first is our “official findings.” The second is a little bonus blooper reel that shows some of the insights we would have rather not heard.

Both videos are fun, insightful and memorable.

What’s our big takeaway?

Be thorough. Be a nerd. Don’t forget to circle back and check all of the data and charts against the needs of the people you are actually studying. Be creative in how you uncover these needs. And most of all…do everything you can to be ready for the patient of tomorrow, because the next generation’s expectations are big and their tolerance for deception and spin is very, very small.

Kid’s Focus Group: Official Findings


Kid’s Focus Group: What We Didn’t Expect