Megan Walworth

Director, Client Relations

The mindset used to be, ‘Well, we’re the hospital. Where else would people go?’ But we know that people don’t see the world that way anymore, so health systems are finally recognizing the power of tools—like their website. That power is translating into real revenue. Most human beings engage online and if you are not helping me connect with my doctor on your website, I might as well go to a retail minute clinic.

For our clients, Megan Walworth is the face of empathy at Franklin Street.

“I’ve been at the other side of the table. I know firsthand what a health system’s marketing team faces every day.  It’s my job to bring that perspective to our work as consultants. We should be an extension of the marketing team—not a group of strangers that comes in and takes over.” 

Megan brings more than professional experience to clients. She shares their passions.

“People today are accessing health care from different entry points and those differences in the experience are impacting the quality of care. If we can help with these pain points, that’s a huge win for the system and their patients.”

Megan believes those wins come when a health system’s leadership truly taps the power of brand and she sees more health systems finding that power every day.

When a CEO goes from thinking of powerful marketing tools as ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’ it’s actually an investment in your brand. It means you are investing in building passionate advocates, both internally and externally. And in today’s consumer world, we know that whatever your business, you can’t win without that passionate loyalty. It’s our job to capture that loyalty. Once that happens, it’s very rewarding to see how it changes the lives of the patients and clients that we serve.”

Megan Walworth is the Client Relations Director at Franklin Street, a health care brand consultancy. Megan brings rich expertise to the challenge of transforming a health system’s culture. She led engagement initiatives for a seven-hospital system, working with operations and communications teams to build crucial patient and physician brand ambassadors. In another role, she was an instrumental player in developing an engagement campaign for a major life insurance company that yielded one billion online impressions. Megan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University.