Tim Roberts

President & CEO

“To succeed, especially in the ever changing world of health care, organizations must remain true to who they are, but also evolve constantly to meet the new needs of patients. Your brand serves as your guide along this journey, as well as your chief indicator of future success.”

Tim believes that brand insight begins with an open mind.

“We must never assume we know everything. An open mind is ready to explore all avenues and has no limits on what it can discover. It’s the springboard to innovation.”

Tim works with client leadership to uncover strategic opportunities and authentic brand strengths.

He helps build a clear picture of what the brand is currently, and what it can achieve in the future. Tim utilizes national data and industry trends, but in his experience, the strongest brands are built on authenticity around an organization’s fundamental essence—its unique promise to patients.

“An organization’s brand has to be honest… to itself and to its patients. Trust is everything. At every brand touch point, whether it’s on air, online or onsite, we have an opportunity to build trust in your organization. If patients trust you, they will reach out to you when they need you. Again and again.”

Tim honed his approach throughout his 20-year career in brand development. Prior to joining Franklin Street in 2008, Tim worked with some of the largest brands in the country including Walmart, Target, Newsweek and eBay.

Tim also spent many years in the academic world, serving as executive director of marketing for the University of Richmond. He helped rebuild the UR brand from within, leading to its highest rankings, highest admissions and largest fundraising campaign in the University’s history.

Tim Roberts holds B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees in visual communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. His work has received more than a hundred industry awards. Tim is a frequent speaker on health care branding issues and creative innovation.