Tim Roberts

President & CEO

“To succeed, especially in the ever changing world of health care, organizations must remain true to who they are, but also evolve constantly to meet the new needs of patients. Your brand serves as your guide along this journey, as well as your chief indicator of future success.”

Tim believes that brand insight begins with an open mind.

“We must never assume we know everything. An open mind is ready to explore all avenues and has no limits on what it can discover. It’s the springboard to innovation.”

Tim works with client leadership to uncover strategic opportunities and authentic brand strengths. His insights help build a clear path from where the brand is currently to what it can achieve in the future. His views on brand development have been published in industry publications, and he is a frequent speaker on the topics of brand development and innovation. In 2019, Tim spoke at CHPRMS, MSHPM, and NESHCo.

Prior to joining Franklin Street in 2008, Tim worked with some of the country's largest brands, including Walmart, Target, Newsweek, and eBay. Since arriving at Franklin Street, Tim has counseled HCA Virginia, HMA, CHI, Mayo Clinic Georgia, Cleveland Clinic Florida, and Mass General, among many others.

Tim holds BFA and MFA degrees in Communication Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Professional Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. A life-long learner, Tim continues to study formally and recently earned certificates in innovation methodologies from Dartmouth and MIT.