Whitney Pratt

VP, Creative Strategy

“A financially strong hospital means better care. A thriving device company means more solutions. In a world where so much of what you hear about health care is negative, our goal is to share the good stories about people whose lives have been changed.”

Whitney was literally born to do her job.

“Both of my parents were theater education majors, I remember having an art studio in the basement and building sets with my grandfather.”

After a 7th grade career day presentation from an ad agency designer, Whitney set her course.

She began taking college classes in high school and had her undergraduate degree at 20 years old. Her passion for the arts aside, it’s her ability to fuse a tasteful eye with an analytical mind that makes her unique.

“Our creative work has to be immersed in strategy. That’s what I love. We do more than make things pretty. We have to know the how and the why and have a fearless curiosity about what makes systems work.”

Whitney’s dual fascination with art and science is a perfect fit for health care branding. This helps her team see the bigger picture that their creative work is addressing.

“When you have strategic consistency, all of the parts of a creative execution have reasons and value. Everyone on the creative team has the ability to switch back and forth from micro to macro thinking.”

Whitney sees big opportunity for clients and their community—when organizations tone messaging with a voice for patient ears.

Whitney Pratt received her B.F.A. in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Whitney has more than 15 years experience in health care branding, where she has served as a creative director at other agencies as well as a front-end developer and art director.

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